Deepblu Community Guidelines


Deepbluā€™s Community Guidelines were created to keep our community safe and enjoyable. The below policies outline what is allowed on Deepblu, and what type of content may reported and removed. Please note content that may be disagreeable or upsetting to you may not necessarily violate Community Guidelines.

Prohibited Content

Content found to pose a considerable risk to the physical safety of Deepblu users, or otherwise criminal conduct in direct violation of relevant laws and regulations, will be removed and the account disabled.

Respectful Behavior

Deepblu users share individual experiences, thoughts, and opinions. You may encounter opinions disagreeable to your own which do not constitute violations of Community Guidelines. However, due to the diversity of our community we may remove or limit the reach of disrespectful content.

Account Security

We believe the security of your Deepblu profile and personal information is of the utmost importance. Therefore, publishing the personal information of others without their consent constitutes a direct violation of our guidelines.

Intellectual Property

The content and information you share on Deepblu belongs to you, and may be controlled through our dive log privacy settings. Furthermore, before sharing content on Deepblu we urge users to be sure of their right to do so. Please respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights when posting content.